The Summer Solstice

bonfire night.jpg

This year the Summer Solstice falls on the 20th Jun. Solstices occur anytime from 20th to 22nd June, changing on leap years. During summer the day of the solstice is the longest day of the year.

This day marks the first day of Summer for most of the worlds cultures but according to the Irish calendar Summer starts the 1st May.

While many people will be making their way to the Hill of Tara and other centres of great historical significance to celebrate this day, the 23rd of June is probably better known in Ireland.

Bonfire Night, Midsummer or St John’s Eve was originally a pagan holiday but was later adopted by Christianity. Bonfires were lit to protect against evil; this practice still continues in some parts of Ireland. Jumping through the flames to proove your bravery and many other customs similar to May Day traditions were observed.

According to legend this is the night when fairies are at their strongest and leave their stone circles.

It is also the night when the souls of all those who will die in the next year, leave their bodies and roam the countryside for the night!



(Millmount Facebook Page, 17th June 2016)


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